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Orchid in Dynasty Bowl 65cm

Orchid in Dynasty Bowl 65cm

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Description: Faux Real Touch Orchid in Dynasty Bowl 65cm.

The elegance of our Dynasty potted orchids is definitely undeniable, they will add their exquisite magic to any room or occasion.

The beautifully crafted real touch flowers that cascade to their delicately budded tips, with exposed roots and leaves, are definitely must have pieces.

Materials: Plastic, Wire, Bamboo, Ceramic, Polyester

Colour: White

POT Dimension: Height 12cm, Diameter 26cm

Overall Dimension: Height 60cm, Width 52cm

Suitableness: Tabletop

Please Note: All potted orchid heights are approximate only - customers can individually adjust heights as desired.

Dimension and colour may vary slightly due to different monitor, camera setting, and manual measurement.

Product are non UV treated and recommended for indoor use. 

SKU: GF20142-WHT

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